Resources and Key Documents
STEP Reports

PDES, Inc. Position on ISO 14306 JT Specification (pdf - 69KB) )
Date: 7-01-2015

PDES, Inc. Open Standards Standards Definition (pdf - 117KB)
Date: 7-01-2015

Standardizing the specification, verification, and exchange of product geometry: Research, status and trends (pdf - 1.6MB)
Date: June 2007
Author: Vijay Srinivasan

A Scheme for UIDs and PLCS (pdf - 754KB)
Date: 05-10-2006
Author: Mike Ward

STEP Application Handbook ISO 10303 Version 3 (pdf - 2.81MB) (zip - 2.19MB)
Date: 6-30-2006
Author: SCRA

Analysis of Standards for Lifecycle Management of Systems for US Army --- a preliminary investigation (pdf - 8.04MB) (zip - 7.64MB)
Date: 8-30-2006
Authors: Sudarsan Rachuri, Sebti Foufou, and Sharon Kemmerer