Membership Requirements

PDES, Inc. members pay annual dues and participate in the consortium's technical activities. Membership requirements vary with the type and size of the member organization. The figure below summarizes financial and resource contribution requirements for each type of member. Note the Industry category is sub-defined by size and type of business in order to allow for variations in the amount of annual dues, and the government organizations have the option of substituting additional labor resources for their annual membership dues. First-year membership dues are payable at the start of the member's term; the second and subsequent years' dues are payable on the anniversary of the start date.

The annual resource contribution provides for member participation in STEP development, deployment, and implementation activities. As described in the PDES, Inc. Membership Agreement, the contributed staff hours must be aligned with the activities defined in the Technical Development Plan (TDP). Specific activities where a member organization's resources will be used are determined when the member's representative on the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) or Executive Board discusses the organization's interests and priorities with the PDES, Inc. General Manager or designee and a mutually acceptable decision (based on priorities of both the member and PDES, Inc.) is reached. Member organizations that are STEP vendors and universities may satisfy up to half of their PDES, Inc. staff hour commitment by reporting their internal efforts to develop commercial STEP products or services; this work does not have to be directly related to a PDES, Inc. development or deployment activity. (Examples of hours that are admissible for this purpose include development of STEP translators, STEP viewers, or other software that supports STEP data exchange.) All member organizations are permitted to charge up to 10% of their staff hour requirement to "Member Company Internal Support." Work that is admissible in this category includes Technical Team members' efforts to provide PDES, Inc. and STEP education within their organizations (e.g., through briefings to colleagues and higher level management). Throughout the phase of work, participants report their hours against specific Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) tasks defined in the Technical Development Plan for the phase of work. At the end of a member's two-year membership period, PDES, Inc. management assesses the level of contribution. When the contribution differs from the amount required for the period, one of the following rules applies:


There is one circumstance where it is possible for an organization that is not a PDES, Inc. member to participate in a project. Participants of an "Affiliated Project" may include non-members of PDES, Inc. as long as they are teaming partners of one or more PDES, Inc. members participating in the same project. Affiliated projects in Next Generation STEP Deployment-Phase II include Systems Engineering and the CAx Implementor Forum (which occasionally hosts Implementors' Roundtable meetings where PDES, Inc. member organizations and their key software vendors can discuss important STEP implementation issues; the Roundtables facilitate technical and business exchanges relevant to PDES, Inc. pilot projects and production deployment activities). To gain approval to participate, the non-member organization generally signs a Project Agreement that identifies the participant's contribution to the project (in funding and/or resource hours) and signifies agreement that all deliverables may be provided to PDES, Inc. members and that the PDES, Inc. Board and TAC will have some degree of oversight responsibility for the project.

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