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What is STEP?

ISO 10303, more commonly referred to as STEP, is the ISO standard for the computer representation and exchange of product modeling information. STEP stands for the Standard for the Exchange of Project model data.The goal of STEP is a complete, unambiguous, computer-readable definition of the physical and functional characteristics of a product throughout its lifecycle.

Why STEP is Important:

STEP allows companies to effectively exchange information internally and with their worldwide partners, customers and suppliers. In order to remain competitive in the global marketplace, companies will have to ensure this exchange is consistent, accurate, and timely.

Unlike other data transfer standards, STEP is computer sensible. It supports design reuse, data retention, and provides access to data across a product’s entire life cycle. Product development strategies, such as concurrent engineering, enterprise integration, electronic commerce, and quality function deployment will significantly benefit from STEP. STEP will allow these strategies to have a broad impact within enterprises.

By removing the barriers that prevent maximum flexibility in design, manufacturing, support, and archives, STEP enables manufacturers to achieve new, higher levels of quality and productivity while reducing costs and time-to-market.

ISO 10303 standard (STEP)

The ISO 10303 standard, more commonly referred to as STEP, is the best way to efficiently exchange product information throughout the product’s life cycle, both internally and with worldwide partners.

PDES, Inc. can help you utilize STEP to achieve maximum flexibility in design, manufacturing, support, and more.

In addition to implementing and developing product data standards, PDES Inc. is also working to broaden the interoperability and use of computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided engineering (CAD) tools, such as CAx-IF, to support the Digital Enterprise.

Since our founding, PDES Inc. has been a leader in the development and implementation of STEP and fellow product data standards to enhance interoperability and effectiveness in the Digital Enterprise and Model-based Enterprise.

Let PDES Inc. help your business, agency, or university increase functionality, user confidence, universal acceptance, and ease of use of STEP and product data standards.

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