STEP Reports

The following reports give background, details, and insight into the development and use of STEP and other industry standards for product data exchange.

Conformance Checking of PMI Representation in CAD Model STEP Data Exchange Files: Click Here
Date: 5/15/2015
Authors: Robert R. Lipman, Joshua Lubell

MBE PMI Validation and Conformance Testing Project: Click Here

Enabling Digital Thread Smart Manufacturing: Click Here

STEP:The Grand Experience: Click Here
Date: 10/01/1999
Author: Sharon J. Kemmerer

ISO STEP Tolerancing Standard Enabler Smart Manufacturing Systems: Click Here
Date: 5/21/2014
Authors: Allison Barnard Feeney, Simon P. Frechette, Vijay Srinivasan

Recent Advances in Sharing Standardized STEP Composite Structure Design and Manufacturing: Click Here
Date: 06/19/2013
Authors: Vijay Srinivasan, Allison Barnard Feeney, Keith A. Hunten

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