As a member of PDES Inc., your organization can enjoy a number of benefits that will standardize and improve product data exchange within your company, increasing flexibility and quality while decreasing cycle time and cost using STEP.


PDES, Inc. members work together to leverage their collective efforts.


Membership provides the ability to influence priorities, requirements and development for data interoperability standards and implementation to meet your business requirements at the board and technical level through:

  • Board seat – provide inputs to overall strategies of PDES, Inc. (see membership levels)
  • Technical Advisory Committee representation
  • Contributing member of ISO category A liaison to ISO 10303 (STEP) + others
  • Participation in technical projects designed to insert STEP and LOTAR technology capabilities into your company information systems
  • Collaboration with industry, government, application providers, and standards community at corporate and technical levels
  • Access and participate in implementor forums that test standards and application solutions ability to execute interoperability standards
  • Access to STEP experts and best practices to support for using STEP in production implementations.
  • Provides technical exchanges with experts in development and implementation domestically and internationally
  • Assistance in complying with Defense Department requirements to utilize STEP for 2D and 3D product model data.
  • Participation in technical projects designed to insert STEP technology into your company.
  • Cross-industry collaboration and access to lessons learned and recommended practices.
  • Education and assistance in establishing effective ways to integrate systems and supply chains.
  • Leverage efforts to advance international standards for product data exchange.
  • Access to implementor forums testing the standard.
  • Reduction of cost and system redundancy.
  • Strong relationships with leading prime contractors and OEMs.
  • Access to STEP experts support for using STEP in production implementations.
  • Access to best practices for STEP implementation.
  • Insight into industry directions and requirements for integrating with suppliers.
  • Strong customer relationships and participation in their projects.
  • New business with leading companies.
  • Insight into industry requirements for product data exchange.
  • Influence what goes into the standard.
  • Most PDES, Inc. members pay annual dues and participate in the consortium’s technical activities.
  • The table below summarizes the financial requirements for each type of membership. Note the Industry category is sub-defined by size and type of business in order to allow for variations in the annual dues.
  • First year membership dues are payable at the start of the participant’s term; the second and subsequent years’ dues are payable on the anniversary of the start date.
Participant Type Participation ID Organization Type/Size Term Fee Board Seat
Industry Industry 1 Corporate User – Sales Greater than $1B 2 Years $50K Yes
Industry Industry 2 Corporate Division Users – Sales Greater than $1B 2 Years $35K Yes
Industry Industry 3 Corporate User – Sales Between $100M-$1B 2 Years $25K Yes
Industry Industry 4 Corporate User – Sales Less than $100M 2 Years $15K Yes
Industry Industry 5 Solution Provider – Sales Greater than $50M 2 Years $25K Yes
Industry Industry 6 Solution Provider – Sales Less than $50M 2 Years $6.3K Yes
Industry Industry 7 Small Manufacturing User – Less than 500 Employees 2 Years $3K No
Government Associate Govt Agency 1 DoD, DoE, Natl Labs – Sales N/A 2 Years $25K Yes
Universities & Community Colleges Academic Associate Endorsed by an Industry Participant 2 Years No Fee No
Non Profit Associate Industry Consortium Endorsed by an Industry Participant 1 Year $15K No


  •  “User” is a commercial entity that utilizes STEP/LOTAR standards in conducting its business operations – for example by using CAD, CAM, CAE tools
  •  “Solution Provider” is a commercial entity that develops and/or sells STEP-related software products and interfaces
  •  “Small Manufacturing User” is an entity that is typically a supplier to a “User” company, a Small and Medium Enterprise

For more information about PDES, Inc. membership requirements, please contact General Manager Brian Chiesi.


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